Drinkable Rivers

Sensemakers is participating in the Drinkable Rivers project of Li An Phoa (in cooperation with TU Delft). The project is currently expanding to 16 communities in 11 countries: Sensemakers will be the hub for the Amsterdam region. We already received our measurement gear, so everybody who is interested to help, please let us know.

A manual describing what measurements have to be done can be downloaded here.

From now on groups of people are welcome to borrow the test kit and take measurements. On Sunday October 20th a group of us already planned a small event, if the weather is nice we might go by boat on the Amstel and finish with Pizza. On October 23rd and 24th Li An will also walk the Amstel for two days, so lots of opportunities to join. Our results need to be in before October 26th, when students will analyse the data in a hackathon.