Astro Plant

Sensemakers is actively participating in the AstroPlant project, an educational citizen science project with the European Space Agency. We have our own kit to work with, but also make small affordable ‘explorer kits’ that can be used by anyone (including school children) to learn to use a Raspberry Pi , sensors and LED light to grow plants better. Actually with the knowledge you learn you have a basis to do many other projects as well.

Things we can do with the Sensemakers community:

  1. Work on the Educational program around AstroPlant (including the Explorer kit)
  2. Improve the existing Astroplant hardware (casing and electronics)
  3. Improve the existing Astroplant software (especially the back-end where one of our Sensemakers David is already working on)
  4. Do cool stuff with photo cameras (like making time lapses or infra red pictures)
  5. Investigate the effect of the different LED light colours (and how to measure those correctly in an affordable way)
  6. Investigate the effect of the nutrients in the water (and how we can use sensors to monitor & control those.)

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