Astro Plant

From September 2019 (kickoff) we will join the AstroPlant project, an educational citizen science project with the European Space Agency. We have 2 kits to work with!

The things we could do with the Sensemakers community:

  1. Improve the way the plant / hydroponics system can be handled for watering (is a bit of a hassle now, could be improved with telescopic drawer guides like the cheap ones from IKEA)
  2. Make a 3d printed holder for (extra) watersensors (temperature already there, conductivity and pH to be added (wish of Astroplant team) and interface to Pi
  3. Adding mentioned and other extra sensors (what would you like to know?)
  4. Improve the camera to make nice NDVI pictures (Some work as been done before by Ted & David). We have available:
  5. Build a cheap spectrometer to measure the light from the LEDs (current sensor does not tell what you want to know, can be done much nicer. Interesting is the part of the spectrum that makes plants grow (the Photosynthetically Active Radiadion or PAR).
  6. Expected soon: A RSpec explorer spectrometer to play with
  7. Expected soon: A Compact 18-channel spectrometer sensor break out.
  8. Change the data export and analysis from the existing back-end to the new one that David built at SURF sara.
  9. Improve the dashboard
    (what kind of triggers would be relevant? What of questions do YOU have and what kind of sensors could deliver this information and what does this mean for the dashboard;
  10. Improve the casing, making it kidsproof and thinking about a nice design (integrating the dashboard?), so that you’re intrigued to learn what’s going on inside and how the plant is growing & feels: a happy-plant meter 🙂

Manual and support.