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#ArtificialIntelliegnce has been one culprit behind #FakeNews but, instead we can use its powers for good! Join AI Cafe tomorrow to learn how #AI can identify fake news, political bias and even the source publication of an article and stay informed💪.

Consistently missing the point. You're comparing 1 human to 1 algorithm.

It's not about: human opacity vs. algorithmic opacity. Or human bias > algo bias.

It's about codifying biases into systems which can scale at *0* marginal cost.

That's an entirely different problem.

True #deeplearning can help in #IoT time series but there are so far few use cases where it shows a superior result.

Time to create public benchmark of different methods. Say Spring 2020.

Are you up for it guys? @SensemakersA? I can help mobilize parties and co-organize.

Next week:🚀
“When neural networks or deep learning come in the news, it is generally about applications that involve images or videos. However, we can also apply deep learning to time series, and this of course is ideal for IoT applications...” #ML

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