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Excited to reveal our new library for composable zero-knowledge proofs at #wpes19: Very much in active development, happy to receive bug reports, contributions, and definitions of new primitives #ccs19 @hiddenmarkov @carmelatroncoso

Here's @TheKenMunroShow's thread ( rolled into a blog post.
'If you think updating Windows etc is painful, spare a thought for avionics maintenance engineers’s sometimes still done on 3.5” floppy'
A FLOPPY DISC! #AviationCyber

Deze woensdagavond micropython workshop met @SensemakersA in de @OBAmsterdam Python installeren op #esp8266 of ander microcontroller bordje. Een stap verder na #arduino!

With full freedom to operate on a global basis, Hiber is extremely proud to announce the network is now open for commercial trails for its large customer base on every ocean and continent. #iot #hiber #dutchproud

Truck parking sensors, installed at the @PortofAmsterdam and running on @thethingsntwrk

Listen to the whole story:

@ajovertoom @JoostZuidema #LoRaWAN #SmartCity

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