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Komende woensdag verteld innovator & designer @AnoukWipprecht over haar #spiderdress en andere #fashiontech, zie agenda @adamsmartcity @SensemakersA

Looking forward to learn from @jilles_com! Next week he’ll join our meetup to discuss the need for hardware hacking and how to do it yourself! Join us here👇
#hacknotcrime #IoT #DIY #hardware #Hacking

A robotic spiderdress reacting to your brain... This Wednesday designer & Innovator @AnoukWipprecht will share some of her fascinating designs with us! join here 👇

How well do you know Siri, Alexa and Google? Have you ever thought of interviewing them? Watch our #thingethnography with #humanlikethings and keep the questions coming! By @iohanna_ed @anu1905 @mljuul @YolandeStreng and many more (tag them below!)

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